Nada Prouty exposes the truth

A thrilling story of espionage and betrayal


Nada Prouty tells her story in: Uncompromised

The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of an Arab-American Patriot in the CIA

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“Nada Prouty served her country loyally, with distinction, and, as universally acknowledged by her colleagues, with great personal courage as a CIA covert officer. Her story of service is riveting but pales in comparison to the horrors she suffered as a result of the hubris of a heavy-handed prosecutor. Even though the investigation into Nada’s actions and loyalty was totally discredited by a CIA counterintelligence investigation, an out of control prosecutor, apparently accountable to nobody, took from Nada virtually everything she cherished – her job and even her US citizenship. This tale of rampant trampling of citizen’s rights is a vivid reminder of the responsibility of citizens to be vigilant against unaccountable government overreach if we hope to keep our democracy strong where the rule of law prevails and where a citizen is presumed innocent until proven guilty.”–Valerie Plame, author of the book Fair Game

“A decorated FBI Special Agent and CIA operations officer, Nada Prouty is a true uncompromised patriot. It is deeply disturbing that in a country that prides itself on equanimity in the realm of law, racially-biased prosecutors used fear to justify their misguided prosecution of someone who had repeatedly put her life on the line in defense of the United States. At a time when Prouty’s proven skills are so desperately needed to fight terrorism, the short-sightedness of an overreaching prosecution for political and personal gain has compromised our nation’s security.”– Stephanie Bellistri, Chief of CIA’s operational unit to counter terrorist use of WMD

“Nada Prouty’s story reads like a Greek tragedy or a Dickensian novel. As an FBI Agent and later CIA Officer, Prouty conducted countless high-threat counterterrorism missions with more courage and conviction than most of us could muster in a lifetime. While Prouty served the United States government, her adoptive country of America, and all its citizens in a manner both superlative and selfless, she suddenly found herself caught in a maddening labyrinth of distrust and deception in which she is accused of being an enemy of the very people she sought to protect. Even after Prouty is exonerated and vindicated, her story remains one of tragic loss — to our country. Intelligence officers of Ms. Prouty’s intellect, abilities and determination are few and far between. In this extraordinary story, we encounter a heroine who emerges as both human and superhuman. Anyone who cares about our country and its ongoing fight against terrorists will be stunned by this personal and political saga.”–Lindsay Moran, Former CIA Operations Officer and author of Blowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy

“Nada Prouty’s story is as instructive as it is inspirational. She has performed many heroic deeds in the service of the United States of America, from her work, obtaining confessions from Abu Nidal Organization terrorists who had murdered and maimed in a botched airliner hijacking to the months she spent operating undercover, pregnant and alone, in some of the most dangerous war-torn streets in the Middle East. I later stood by helplessly as her adopted country turned upon her like a wounded animal, during a time of high-emotion and pain after 9/11, and accused her of being a traitor, when she had already risked more to defend this country than tens-of-millions of her fellow U.S. citizens could possibly imagine. The U.S. needs each of us to contribute to national security, and the reckless persecution of minorities and the foreign born will doom our values and way of life much more completely than our foreign enemies.”–Michael P. Dorris, FBI Special Agent (Retired)

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A Counterterrorism Heroine



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Unparalleled Service

Nada Prouty’s unparalleled service

What professional and patriotic government officials have said about Nada

“I am writing this on behalf of Nada Prouty whom I have known since 2000.

To be candid, I find it unconscionable that the federal government is so

zealously prosecuting such a dedicated American.  It appears to me a case of

persons putting their personal and political agendas ahead of decency and

common sense…. For anyone slightly familiar with the goals of the

terrorists, this whole case is all too clearly a victory for them– they have turned us on ourselves.”

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“I first met Nada in 2003 while working very closely with her.  I can say

quite honestly that never have I been so impressed by an officer, male or

female.  I am not saying this lightly, and have repeated that sentiment over

the years many times…. Above all, Nada was hardworking, aggressive, and

got the job done.”

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“I was with Nada in Rawalipindi (Pakistan) jail where she exhaustively

interviewed five Palestinian terrorists who had killed dozens of innocent

people, and hijacked a large commercial aircraft.”

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“What is extraordinary is what Nada did with this gift of American

citizenship: instead of indulging herself in the lucrative private sector,

she chooses to give something back.  First at the FBI… and then at the CIA.”

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“In her professional life, first as a Special Agent for the FBI and later

with the CIA, Mrs. Prouty has always placed the United States and its

security above her own interest and safety.  As a federal law enforcement

officer, she eagerly accepted dangerous assignments and placed herself

willingly in harm’s way to confront American’s enemy.  As an intelligence

officer, Mrs. Prouty continued to face untold, serious risk and make

tremendous sacrifices in service to the United States.”

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“I can say Ms. Prouty was a thoroughly professional, exceptionally

dedicated, reliable and knowlegable officer and that her efforts contributed

more to America–and to ensuring the safety of Americans–than nearly”

anyone else I know.”

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“Without being ironic, Nada epitomized the great values that first

generation immigrants bring to America.  She demonstrated devotion the

United States and was driven to succeed…  I have great admiration for

her efforts at the FBI, and often wished other Special Agents were more like

her, bright, flexible, and willing to listen and work with colleagues in the

US Government.”

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“Driven by a desire to help her adopted country, Nada earned genuine

admiration for her professional colleagues.  She participated in many other

endeavors to protect and defend our country after September 11, 2001.  Her

language expertise and cultural knowledge had an immeasurable impact for our

country’s response, something that the American public will never know.”

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“Through my work with Mrs. Prouty, I saw her work in harsh and dangerous

environments, exposing herself to dangerous people, with the objective of

gaining terrorism information and disrupting nefarious activity so as to

protect the people of the United States.”

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“My initial impressions of Nada were that she was one of the hardest working

and dedicated (FBI) Agents that I had met at the Washington Field Office.

My belief is that WFO felt the same way given the significant national

security cases that she was assigned to investigate.”

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“Nada and I worked together when I was assigned to an intelligence gathering

squad. Her language skills were invaluable… Nada’s contributions to the

FBI mission are immeasurable, they go beyond the easy to calculate

quantifiable “statistics”.”

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“On several occasions, she willingly traveled into some of the most hostile

parts of the world without a protective detail in support of initiatives

aimed at achieving key US government policy goals and preserving the lives

of Americans, She contributed substantially to achieving our mission.”

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“I’ve worked directly with Nada on several occasions and can personally

attest to Nada’s unwavering commitment to the United States, its strategic

goals, and the global war on terror.  Nada is the epitome of a dedicated FBI

Agent, and is among the most committed to the critical goal of safeguarding

this nation.”

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“I originally met Nada at the FBI Academy in April 1999 where we were

suitemates.  One of the first things that struck me about Nada back in 1999

was her commitment to the United States.  For someone who was not privileged

to be born in our country, she is what I would describe as “fiercely


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“Nada was often assigned to highly dangerous places located at the epicenter

of the global struggle against terrorism, such as Pakistan.  Nada was

involved in a number of demanding terrorism- related cases…  I also know

that as someone conducting counterterrorism investigations overseas at that

time, Nada did so under very trying conditions involving considerable

physical risk, punishing hours, and extended separation from friends and

loved ones.”

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“I have also had the opportunity to observe first-hand Ms. Prouty’s

exceptional work ethics and commitment to advancing USG interests through

our direct collaboration at work.  She always maintained a sharp focus on

USG priorities, displayed very sound judgment on complex issues of national

interest, and handled herself with the highest degree of professionalism and

discretion in dealing with foreign partners.”

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“Ms. Prouty proved to be an exemplary employee with unique cultural skills

that she used effectively to further the national interest of the United

States. Her dedication to the mission and the country, combined with her

bravery, served to motivate her colleagues during difficult times.”

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“Nada has a love of this country that only someone from a freedom deprived

nation- like Lebanon- can acquire.  She absolutely desired to become a US

Citizen for all the right reasons.  I remember well how proud she was when

she was sworn in as a US Citizen.  The picture of her citizenship ceremony

was prominently displayed on our wall…  the theme song we chose for our

marriage was Lee Greenwood’s- Proud to be an American.”

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